Juice/Smoothie/Drink Recipes

Healthy hot chocolate recipe

This healthy hot chocolate recipe is my all time favourite winter warming drink and beats coffee hands down for its energising effects.

Hangover smoothie

This hangover smoothie recipe will save the day if you have had one or two too many. It’s super simple and will rehydrate you in no time.

Golden Turmeric Milk

Golden Turmeric Milk This is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you need something to tide you over till dinner. It has a warm, earthy, nourishing taste that simply feels so warm and grounding. It's the perfect accompaniment to a good book, bath or meditation...

Smoothie saviours- Why I love them and my top 6 recipes

If mornings are busy and you often have to eat on the run then smoothies are the perfect way to ensure you get a nutritious start to the day. Smoothies take around five minutes to make in the morning and as the main ingredients are fruit and vegetables, they are loaded with fibre which will keep you full until lunchtime. And of course my smoothies are DELICIOUS!

Chocolate banana smoothie with chia seeds & nuts

This delicious smoothie is an excellent snack or a weekend breakfast. Packed with nuts and chia seeds, this will keep you full and energised through the day. Did you know that cacao is an excellent mood elevator and is high in magnesium? And these are just a couple of reasons why I think it is also a great option of a healthy winter afternoon treat!

Chocolate cherry bomb smoothie

My delicious chocolate cherry bomb smoothie is packed with healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your body and boost fertility.

Green juice recipes

Try these green juice recipes which may support weight loss, increase energy levels, strengthen immunity and support strong bone growth.

almond milk recipe

This almond milk recipe is a healthy and inexpensive alternative to cows milk. Almond milk is far healthier and tastier when you make it yourself.

Vitamin water

Vitamin water recipes are a perfect solution if you find plain water dull. Proper hydration is SO important for every body system. Ready, get set, HYDRATE!

Making milk kefir- a step by step guide

I absolutely love milk kefir and recommend it to almost every client because it has so many amazing health benefits and is tolerated well by the lactose intolerant. The key health benefit of kefir is it’s huge spectrum of beneficial bacteria which is far more diverse than even the most expensive probiotic supplements on the market.

Blood Orange Citrus Smoothie

This blood orange citrus smoothie is like sunshine in a glass and absolutely packed with anti-oxidants. Serve for breakfast or a refreshing snack.

Easy Green smoothie

This easy green smoothie is the perfect introduction to drinking your greens. It’s packed with antioxidants, to prevent and repair damage to body tissues.

Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie

This strawberry and almond butter smoothie is thick and creamy and nutty in flavour. This is my current favourite post-workout treat. Enjoy!

Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon Tea

The spices in this tea have been used for thousands of years to reduce inflammation, enhance digestion and circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Berry and chia seed smoothie

This super smoothie is just so delicious and quick to make I just had to share my recipe with you all! Chia seeds are a fantastic source of plant-based protein, anti-inflammatory omega-3s, and antioxidants. Through in the berries, spinach and coconut water and you have a blood sugar balancing, alkalising, vitamin packed super drink! Plus it takes 5 minutes to make and only uses 5 ingredients so even a busy working mum like me can manage it. 

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