Across 7 days from the 9th – 15th September you will have the chance to access a wide variety of fitness Classeshealth and wellness services, Talks from leading experts and a host of Workshops and Events.

Whether it’s trying a new fitness class, finding an activity group, seeking support on a health issue, achieving more balance, or to simply indulge, the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival will open the doors for you to explore every area of health and wellness on your doorstep.

Get ready to be inspired, educated and revitalised.

Why Hormones Are Everything: 14th  September 

I’m looking forward to talking at the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival on, Why hormones are everything! 🗣 Do you sometimes feel like you’re riding an emotional wave? Irritable? Feel low often? PMS? Anxiety? Want to take control of your hormones rather than have them control you?

Join me for a in-depth discussion on our amazing bodies and the complex interaction of  many different systems and communications that hormones effect. By having knowledge of what’s going on in your body will give you a better understanding of your system at every stage of development, You’ll be able to learn to balance your hormones and maintain happy vibes. 

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Break The Fast: 12th  September

I’m really looking forward to running a breakfast workshop at the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival Breakfast literally means just that…breaking the fast as you sleep, your body is hard at work digesting yesterday’s food, and when you wake,  your brain and body need to re-fuel to perform at their best. 

For this delicious event, i’ve worked closely with The Find’s resident chef to create the ultimate breakfast that will fuel your right for the day ahead.      ⁠

I will be giving a explanation on the principals around breakfast, the right foods to fuel you properly and the science behind it, as well as some of my top tips for creating your own energy-boosting breakfast.

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One Size Doesn’t All: 11th  September

One size doesn’t fit all! What is the best way to gauge your true health and wellbeing, and how can you begin to understand your body so that you know and can even predict or prevent disease from occurring? 

Personalised medicine, although not a new concept, has really grown in popularity here in the west over the last few years. As personalised medicine is based on each patient’s genetic make up, it’s beginning to overcome the limitations of traditional medicine. This information can be used to identify and determine our individual risk of developing disease, detecting illness and the most effective treatments to improve our health. 

I invite you to Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival , to join myself and other thought leaders from across functional medicine, nutrition and wellbeing. During our ‘conversation’ we will talk you through the exciting road-map for the future of nutritional medicine. 

Rosie Letts, Dr Ranulf Crooke, Dr Simon Whiteside, James Golden and Sarah Greenidge⁠

On Saturday 25th July, Rosie’s partner Andy tragically passed away. He wasn’t ill and his passing has come as a devastating blow to all of his family and friends. Rosie will be taking compassionate leave to look after their children. She hopes to return to private practice when her children start school in September.

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