What is bloating?

Are you one of the estimated 50% of the population that suffers from bloating? If so I’ll hazard a guess that you’ve never even mentioned it to the GP. Most people don’t.

Bloating usually happens when the bacteria in your gut interacts with the food you eat to produce gas. This gas can build up and cause genuine and sometimes severe pain. Many of my clients find this can affect their daily life by causing discomfort and anxiety in social situations.

Bloating has a number of potential causes, but the most common ones are food intolerances and unbalanced levels of bacteria in your gut. The good news is that both of these can be easily tested for and treated – there’s no need to suffer in silence.

How can nutritional therapy help with bloating?

Nutritional therapy can provide fast bloating relief by investigating and uncovering the root cause of your bloating and treating it permanently. Together we’ll work through a three step process to get the answers you’re looking for and help you make positive changes to drastically improve your health.

Step 1: Take a thorough case history

First we will discuss what has been going on so I can get a picture of all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. We can start to see whether we can identify any patterns.

Step 2: Perform functional tests

If necessary we can perform some simple tests such as blood tests and stool samples, to discover what has been causing your bloating.

Click Here for more on testing.

Step 3: Create a tailored nutritional therapy programme

Finally I will create a nutritional therapy programme specifically for you. You will learn which foods you should avoid, and the small changes you can make to restore your gut health for fast bloating relief.

How a tailor-made nutritional programme improved Delphine’s bloating

Delphine was just 24 years old when she came to see me but she had been suffering with bloating, pain and low immunity for over 15 years. She thought the reason she caught every cough, cold and stomach bug going was the the regular contact she spent with clients in her job as an aesthetic practitioner. After all, she had always made an effort to eat healthy food.

Delphine was sure that something in her diet was making her unwell, but she couldn’t identify what it was. Tests revealed a blastocystis hominis infection. These parasites are known for being particularly difficult to eliminate, so I used a combination of herbs along with digestive enzymes to help break down their cell walls. I also asked Delphine to dramatically reduce her carbohydrate consumption for four weeks.

The results were rapid and life-changing. “When Rosie told me she could remedy the problem in just three months, I wanted to cry and jump for joy!” Delphine says. “I’ve been following her advice for two months now, and all I can say is that my stomach problems are no more. Rosie has changed my life and I will be eternally thankful for her help and the support she gave me.’

Foods that Support Digestion

Here are a few of my favourite foods that aid digestion and will keep your gut happy. A sluggish gut can result in all sorts of symptoms, such as indigestion, heartburn, bloating and constipation. When are gut micro-biome becomes imbalanced, which can result from stress, poor diets or certain commonly used medications, our digestion and general health suffers as a consequence.

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