On top of Rosie’s professional gift, she is also a genuinely lovely and caring person. I immediately felt comfortable around her and knew that she was going to do her absolute best to get me well — which she did! You walk away after one appointment with a game plan, a huge pack of incredible resources from gut healing recipes, to info about your specific condition, and a wealth of knowledge about the body and it’s functions. Rosie is a blessing and it’s the best investment you can make for you long term health and wellbeing.

I am so impressed by Rosie’s combination of science, common sense, and intuition… within a couple of weeks I felt rebalanced, revitalised and set up with nutritional tools for life.



I came to Rosie with my skin at pretty much the worst it had ever been, I was red raw and itchy all over. It was really affecting all areas of my life, and I wasn’t sleeping due to the constant itching.
Rosie was very thorough and paid attention to my values and lifestyle commitment to find a treatment plan especially for me. She explained what was going on and I felt fully supported and like I knew what was going on the whole time. Under Rosie’s guidance I managed to completely get rid of the skin troubles I came to her with only a few months before. Now about five months since my original meeting with Rosie my skin is practically perfect and has completely gone back to normal. The change is incredible. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable and shared her extensive knowledge with me. I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you Rosie.

I was working long hours in a corporate job and had been trying to conceive for some time without success and I felt generally run-down. Rosie’s advice was great because it was so practical. I wasn’t expected to go on some strange eating plan that I would spend all week shopping for and preparing. Rosie ensured her suggested changes to my diet were manageable within my (hectic!) lifestyle and recommended some nutritional supplements to support my health at the start of the programme. I felt healthier almost straight away: more energy, less sluggish and my skin and hair were noticeably brighter. Rosie explained that I should allow 3-6 months before trying to conceive but after two and a half months at a follow up consultation I was able to announce that I was pregnant! Rosie then provided me with practical advice about healthy eating during pregnancy and recommended some nutritional supplements to help minimise the nausea I was suffering.

After meeting with Rosie to address my low energy level issues, she literally turned my habits around in what seemed like overnight. After an initial ‘timeline’ assessment, Rosie managed to accurately pin point which foods were contributing to my major four o’clock slumps. Rosie prepared a plan of action specific to me and my lifestyle, and gave me some excellent tools to help organise and implement my plan immediately. Rosie has rekindled my love affair with interesting foods, broken my addiction to caffeine and helped me spring out of bed in the morning without the four o’clock lows. I would recommend Rosie in a heart beat.


Nurse, London

Rosie is one of a kind. I have seen a lot of doctors and nutritionists in my time, and never have I had such an immediate turn around and healing of my body after just one appointment. She is so thorough in all that she does, and strives to understand the depth and complexity of each case. She is a leader in the field and I can’t recommend her enough. Her knowledge is extraordinary.



For 15 years, doctors always told me I was suffering from IBS. I thought my fate was sealed and feared I was going to live with these symptoms for the rest of my life. I felt desperate and worried that I would never be able to enjoy my food again. First and foremost, Rosie ran some tests to determine how healthy my gut was. The test revealed that I am highly intolerant to ‘mustard’ – a condiment that I was eating almost every day, which was causing bad bacteria to develop in my gut. When Rosie told me she could remedy the problem in just 3 months, I wanted to cry and jump for joy! I’ve been following her advice for two months now, and all I can say is that my stomach problems are no more. Rosie has changed my life and I will be eternally thankful for her help and the support she gave me.



I would just like to let you know that I have now lost 35 kg! It has taken just over 6 months using the nutritional plan you designed for me. I dropped 8 trouser sizes during this period and very pleased how well I feel. I intend to continue with the diet as I really enjoy the food types. It is completely different to my previous diet. Thank you so much for all your support over the months. I am still losing weight and my wife says I am new man.



Hi Rosie, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. I have been really enjoying my new eating regime. I had my health check up today and I am pleased to report that my cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure were all in the green! It also confirmed that I have lost 12 IBS since I started my new food regime with you! I’m enjoying the food, getting myself into a good routine and the results are showing! Thank you!


Engineer, London

Rosie has been fantastic in advising me on my diet and what works best for my own personal goals. Day to day I am feeling more energised, focused and generally much healthier.



Rosie’s advice on how to wean Luke was invaluable if only because it gave me the peace of mind that I was doing the best I could for Luke’s health. She helped me sort through all the conflicting information out there and not only informed me of what foods to give and when to introduce them, but with being a mother herself, how to make this easy to manage when you are at a time in life when you are time poor and exhausted. Her recipe ideas and cooking and preparation tips were great and now I have my second baby I am still benefiting from them. Luke is now 18 months and when we meet friends I always notice that he seems to pick up less colds and bugs. I’m convinced this is because he seems to eat a wider variety of foods compared to other children his age and is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Hi Rosie. I hope that you have enjoyed the festive season. My best present has been seeing Naomi’s health improve; compared to September she is so much better and I just wanted to ‘thank you’. Best wishes for 2017.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I knew nutrition would majorly affect the way I felt and of course the early development of my baby so I contacted Bump & Beyond Nutrition for a tailor made nutrition plan to assist me at this time. At my first consultation with Rosie it became obvious that she knows everything there is to know about healthy eating during pregnancy. Rosie dealt with the more personal questions on the consultation form with empathy and non judgement and I really felt I connected with her. She understood my needs and gave me loads of easy to make recipes (some of which were healthy alternatives for when those sugar cravings kicked in). I would definitely recommend any woman embarking on their pregnancy journey to make an appointment with Rosie. I had very little adverse pregnancy symptoms in my first trimester and definitely would attribute this to the nutrition programme I was on.

I contacted Bump & Beyond Nutrition after having had a miscarriage and, prior to that, 18 months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Whilst I generally eat well I realised there was more I could do to make positive changes to my lifestyle and to feel in control of a situation that was becoming emotionally draining. Rosie began our programme by addressing some digestive problems that I had been living with for years (under the misguided belief that all women have IBS symptoms — don’t they?!) After about 6 weeks my digestion issues had vastly improved and 3 months later I was pregnant! I am now in my 15 weeks in and haven’t suffered from any sickness or fatigue at this point which I think is pretty remarkable. I’m now feeling really positive for the next 6months and beyond! I am hugely grateful to Rosie for her practical, achievable approach to making nutritional and lifestyle changes.

With a history of endometriosis, I was very concerned that I may have trouble conceiving naturally and was keen to adapt my lifestyle, particularly my diet, to try and help avoid having to undergo fertility treatment. Talking to an experienced, understanding nutritionist seemed to be my best course of action. Rosie provided me with invaluable nutritional guidance, focused on tailoring my diet and lifestyle. I am delighted to say that after several months of following her advice, I conceived naturally. I am now pregnant and Rosie is supporting me further with nutrition and lifestyle advice. I am really grateful for the help and support that Rosie has given me throughout this process and I will continue to work with her until my family is complete.

By the time my baby was 11 months old and still never sleeping through the night I was totally exhausted and had no motivation to sort out my diet which was the worst it had been in years. I was struggling to lose my baby weight and my digestion was all over the place. Rosie believed that food intolerances were compounding the problem (which blood tests later confirmed to be true). Rosie challenged many of my old views on what made a healthy diet and designed an eating plan which was easy to maintain, even with no time and a fussy eater as a husband. Rosie was non- judgemental, patient and empathetic when I slipped up, and always happy to help even after our programme had finished. I have been really surprised at how simple changes can make such a dramatic difference so quickly. Once my intolerances were identified my digestion sorted itself out within a week, and I had so much more energy. Two months on and I even fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

Rosie has been fantastic in helping me with my cholesterol problems and also to lose weight. She wrote out a specific food plan for me to help reduce my cholesterol, which my GP was very happy about. My weight has always been up and down but with her help, I have now lost 8kgs and I have never been happier. She has taught me how to maintain my weight now so that it does not go up again. Thank you Rosie.



I suffer from severe hypothyroidism and was referred to Rosie. Her experience as a nutritionist has been invaluable, she has really understood what I was going through. Rosie took the time to learn who I was as a person, learn about what I wanted and needed and gave me a solution that was suited to my body and lifestyle. I gradually started losing weight and my energy levels increased. Rosie’s professional expertise and her caring nature as a woman were just what I need. I would definitely recommend Rosie as a go-to woman in all nutrition and health-related issues. Her plan has given me my energy and health back and I can’t say ‘thank you’ to her enough times.



I have been on the Reinvent programme for 12 weeks, I’ve lost 15 ½ pounds, I am full of energy and my skin glows, it is not difficult to follow and Rosie is very supportive and encouraging. As a medical doctor I fully recommend Reinvent and most of all Rosie who is very experienced.



Before my consultation with Rosie Letts, I was initially sceptical as to how a change in my diet could help, however I have been absolutely staggered with the results. The attention to detail in the initial consultation and follow up has paid dividends. I will be recommending Rosie Letts to all friends and family.



I recently had a consultation with Rosie and was slightly nervous by the experience. However as soon as I walked through the door, Rosie made me feel at ease and totally relaxed. Talking through my symptoms, which can be embarrassing, Rosie made me feel comfortable and perfectly normal for having these problems and never made me feel awkward. After my consultation, she wrote a clear action plan of what we were going to do and made it feel like a joint effort. Although I am only part-way through my therapy with Rosie, I am already feeling more energetic and my symptoms have reduced dramatically. I can highly recommend Rosie for her professionalism, friendliness and being so genuine.



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On Saturday 25th July, Rosie’s partner Andy tragically passed away. He wasn’t ill and his passing has come as a devastating blow to all of his family and friends. Rosie will be taking compassionate leave to look after their children. She hopes to return to private practice when her children start school in September.

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