Change your life

with the power of nutritional medicine

Change your life

with the power of nutritional medicine

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We’re constantly bombarded by conflicting messages about the things we should be eating, and those we shouldn’t. With a new celebrity diet popping up every week, learning to eat the right way can be confusing.

What if you could be sure that the information you were given was accurate, effective and based on science?

I’m Rosie Letts

Bristol-based Nutritional Therapist

With a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and the experience that comes from working with over 700 one-to-one clients to date, my methods are proven and effective.

Nutritional therapy can transform the lives of people dealing with…






Thyroid Problems

Weight Issues


Adrenal Issues

Time to Reinvent

Imagine if you could lose weight, feel great and take back control of your body.

With my clinics filling up each week, I’ve taken my signature Reinvent programme online so I can help more people realise the remarkable power of holistic nutritional therapy. Now you can enjoy the benefits of my expertise at in the comfort of your own home

7 days worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes plus your shopping list to make it super easy.

Give yourself the gift of 7 days dedicated to feeling great.

Favourite Recipes

Chocolate tiffin with pistachios and goji berries

We all crave chocolate once in a while, but instead of reaching for sweet treats laden with refined sugar, why not opt for a delicious square of my chocolate tiffin? With its list of natural ingredients, there is nothing to feel guilty about here…

Quinoa with squash, spinach & avocado

I often get asked for quick and easy lunch recipes to make for the week. Quinoa bowls are great exactly for those instances. I like to vary the toppings each time, but this squash, spinach and avocado is one of my favourite combinations during colder months. Sprinkle some seeds for extra energy.

Coconut milk quinoa porridge

Supercharge your morning with high-protein quinoa and omega-3 rich chia seeds for a creamy breakfast bowl topped with seasonal fruit and seeds.

Latest Articles

How to make your new years’ resolutions turn into long lasting habits.

Oftentimes, we make plans and “resolutions” that we inevitably break because we fail to put in place the necessary habit forming structures which can ensure lasting changes. In fact, there is science to habit making and habit breaking and it lies in the all-important neural pathways in our brains.

How to indulge, guilt free this Christmas

I love Christmas. From the first autumnal days when the leaves begin to drop, I look forward to roaring fires, twinkling lights, pine-scented air and carols in the pub. What’s not to love about a holiday dedicated to family, gratitude and delicious food?

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