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I never thought that I could lose four stone and come off my reflux medications.  The programme itself is simple, I’ve eaten three meals and two snacks every day and I’ve never felt deprived.

Honestly, Reinvent has felt like a miracle.


Family Support Worker, Bristol

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Start your Reinvent journey today and you’ll receive:

  • Over 200 tasty recipes, plus new menus every season so you will never get bored
  • 12 weeks of sample meal plans full of delicious dishes to get you started
  • Phone and email support from the team whenever you need it throughout the programme
  • Goal tracking tools, a cravings journal, a gratitude dairy and a bank of printable resources
  • Access the Reinvent community- and your very own team of cheerleaders
  • Access to the full programme and bonus content including all recipes and health lessons forever!


What are you waiting for?

Join now for less than £25 a week!

OR pay in 3 easy monthly instalments

I am completely confident that you will LOVE Reinvent, so I am now offering a 100% guarantee!

Join Reinvent today and if it’s not for you, I’ll happily refund your investment within 14 days, no questions asked.

Reinvent is NOT a diet!

Diets don’t work. They have failure built into them. If you’re on a diet now, there’s a 70% chance you’ll end up putting any weight you lose back on – and more.

Reinvent is a holistic and permanent lifestyle change that will transform your relationship with food. It will tune you in to what’s going on deep inside your body, helping you to celebrate your uniqueness and understand how best to nourish yourself.

We’ve distilled years of experience in nutritional medicine into a unique, information-packed online course that you work through at your own pace, one step at a time.

Reinvent will help you:

  • Understand which food groups you should be eating more of, and which you should be avoiding, depending on your personal circumstances.
  • Identify food intolerances or hormone imbalances that might be holding you back.
  • Target and improve the symptoms of health conditions including IBS, PCOS and eczema.
  • Move towards your weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Learn to love your body and develop a positive self-image.

“As soon as I hit 40, my weight started to increase, slowly at first and then more steadily. I tried all sorts of diets, and I had even cut my daily calories to under 800 a day, but nothing was working – the weight just kept piling on. I decided to sign up for Reinvent as a last resort. I was sceptical but Reinvent was such a positive experience compared to what I had tried in the past. I have absolutely loved the delicious recipes and never felt bored or deprived. What’s more, Rosie Letts has taught me so much about nutrition, health and my body; it’s been fascinating! I know that I am approaching the menopause and thanks to Reinvent I know that my body is well prepared and I have all the tools I need to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I can’t thank Rosie Letts enough for helping me to take back control of my body and to feel happy and healthy again.” 


Dentist, Bristol

  • You’ve come to the conclusion dieting doesn’t work, and you’re looking for another way.
  • You suffer from a digestive issue or hormone imbalance and would like to explore the possibility of reducing, or even resolving, your symptoms through good nutrition rather than resorting to medication.
  • You believe you may be approaching the menopause and want to reduce the impact the hormonal changes will have on your body.
  • You’d like to stop Googling for information on nutrition and ways to combat your various ailments, and instead be sure the advice you’re following is based on scientific fact.
  • You like to understand how things work. If you understand why your body is behaving in the way it is, and how certain food groups affect it, it can be a lot easier to make real changes for the better.
  • You like to take things at your own pace, making gradual changes towards your end goal.
  • You see the benefits of having a supportive community with which you can share stories, recipes, tips and tricks so you won’t be travelling the journey alone.

Sound familiar?

Possibly the BEST thing about Reinvent is that you can now experience all the benefits of working with me for less than £25 per week! Reinvent is now available at the special launch price of just £247 or to spread the cost, you can pay in three monthly instalments of £99.  How would your career, your family, your free time look, if you had all the energy you needed to make the most of them, if you weren’t being held back by worries about your weight or the painful symptoms of conditions like IBS, hormone imbalance and eczema. Is there anything else you could spend less than £25 per week on and still gain all those benefits?

Just think what your life would look like if you were really, truly well. If you were at peace with your body. Don’t you deserve that?

Reinvent is the ultimate investment in your long term health. Join Reinvent today and you will have access to the full programme and bonus content including all recipes and health lessons forever!!

Sign up and save!

Save £50 by paying for the 12 weeks in full

Pay by instalment

Or pay 3 instalments of £99 – less than £25 a week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reinvent a diet?

No. Diets don’t work – they are just a temporary fix and have failure built into them. Reinvent is a holistic lifestyle change; week by week you will learn how to tune into your body and discover a way of eating that is enjoyable, and offers health benefits that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Why is Reinvent different to other healthy eating programmes and slimming clubs?

Reinvent teaches you to work with your body, not against it. Traditional diets focus on restricting ‘bad’ foods and manipulating macronutrients. And while it’s true that you can manipulate macronutrients, restrict calories and shed excess weight temporarily, if you don’t get all the nutrients you need, your body will remain hungry. It’s impossible to ignore your cravings and hunger pangs long term, and as soon as you give in, your body will pack on as much fat as possible to protect you in case you decide to do it again! Good health is your natural state. And your body knows exactly how to do it – all you need to do is provide it with the right nutrition, good water, clean air and sunlight!

Who is Reinvent for?

Reinvent is designed for people who want to educate themselves on nutrition, and understand how it plays an active part in a journey to optimum health. Reinvent is perfect for individuals who…

  • Have been on the diet treadmill for years
  • Are low on energy
  • Are anxious or suffer from poor sleep patterns
  • Have digestive problems such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, reflux or bloating
  • Are in, or approaching the menopause and want to minimise their symptoms
  • Are busy professionals who need to be at their best
  • Have suspected food intolerances
  • Have suspected diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, endometriosis or adrenal fatigue
  • Are healthy, but want to optimise their diet
Who is Reinvent NOT for?

Reinvent is not for people who want a quick fix or superficial result. Healthy habits take time to form; sustainable lifestyle change needs to be introduced over a period of months, not days. If your motivation is to drop two stone for a holiday in three weeks time, and you aren’t really bothered about your health ten years from now, then Reinvent probably isn’t for you.

When does the programme start?

Reinvent is designed to start on Monday and run for 12 life-changing weeks. You can sign up to Reinvent at any time and you will get instant access to over 200 recipes, a huge bank of resources, and the entire expert interview series. Following this, you’ll have lifetime access to the Reinvent platform, with new menus and resources being produced all the time.

How is the programme delivered?

Every Saturday for 12 weeks, you will receive an email from me, which will unlock each bite-sized course on the private membership site. Every unique bite-sized course will include a video, written information and downloadable resources.

Is Reinvent mobile-friendly?

Yes! The Reinvent platform is completely mobile responsive. We will be with you in the supermarket, at work when you hit that 3pm slump, and to celebrate your achievements whenever and wherever they occur. Reinvent is literally your pocket nutritional therapist!

How much time do I need to dedicate to Reinvent?

The video lessons, written content, and exercises will only take you an hour or so to complete. My recipes and meal plans are designed with time efficiency in mind, so you won’t have to give up your weekends for food prep! That said, cooking from fresh will take longer than microwaving a ready meal, but once you start to appreciate the amazing impact that eating in this way can have on your wellbeing, you won’t mind a bit.

Do I need to follow your meal plans?

I’ve provided sample meal plans and shopping lists for the full 12-weeks of the programme to make it super easy for you. However, you do not need to follow these meal plans if you don’t want to. As long as you introduce the lessons learnt in every bite-sized course, you will see results without having to completely change the way that you and your family eat.

Will I be able to pause the programme if I get busy?

Reinvent is designed for busy people. I myself am a busy working mum and have found this approach completely sustainable with a little bit of planning. Once you join Reinvent, you’ll have life-long access to the platform and its wealth of resources. This means that you can go back over the bite-size course at any time – they’re yours to keeps forever.

Sign up and save!

Save £50 by paying for the 12 weeks in full

Pay by instalment

Or pay 3 instalments of £99 – less than £25 a week!

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