I love  Christmas. From the first autumnal days when the leaves begin to drop, I look forward to roaring fires, twinkling lights, pine-scented air and carols in the pub. What’s not to love about a holiday dedicated to family, gratitude and delicious food?

By nature of being a Nutritional Therapist, people often worry that I will disapprove of the festivities. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth! I am a fully-fledged member of the Christmas fan club and am in no way adverse to indulgence. I often talk about the importance of balance, and how on occasion it is perfectly okay to eat and drink purely for your social and emotional health, rather than for any nutritional benefit.

This year, I fully intend to indulge in and enjoy the Christmas festivities, but what I don’t intend to do is to over-saturate myself with food and drinks for the mere sake of it. For example, with foods that do not serve either my social, emotional or physical health. So, whilst I will undoubtedly enjoy prosecco with friends and my favourite homemade chocolate truffles, I will also exercise my right to turn down second helpings if my body’s already feeling full, or politely refuse those mice pies because I don’t really fancy one.

Indulge without the guilt

For me, indulgence is about allowing myself to feel pleasure, and this can take far more forms than just gorging on food and drink. Here are some of the ways I intend to indulge this Christmas:

  • Take my little girls ice skating and to visit father Christmas in his grotto.
  • Wander through the Bath Christmas Market, selecting unique gifts for loved ones.
  • Jog through the woods in the early morning, before the rest of Bristol has woken up.
  • Wrap up in my comfiest knitwear, in front of a big wood fire.
  • Take long, indulgent hot baths, filled with scented natural oils and surrounded by candlelight.
  • Cook Christmas treats whilst listening to Christmas music over the radio.
  • Sing carols with my neighbours in our local pub

This year, why not choose to indulge in wonderful experiences and festive meals? One’s that are healthy, utterly satisfying and still leaving you feeling spoiled? I designed my Christmas Survival Guide to help you feel good this Christmas amongst the mince pies, brandy butter and chocolate selection boxes.


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