Transform your body, your health and your life in just 12 weeks

Transform your body, your health and your life

in just 12 weeks

Introducing Reinvent – your personal nutritional therapist

What if you could just relax and enjoy your food? Without worrying about your weight. Without paying the price with unpleasant side effects like bloating, pain or worse. Without having to spend a fortune on the latest fad ingredients.

Eating well at home and on the go doesn’t have to be difficult. Reinvent offers a whole new way of looking at food that isn’t about denial and discipline. Instead, this simple but effective programme is about being compassionate with yourself and giving your body everything it needs to thrive.

Reinvent is NOT a diet!

Diets don’t work. They have failure built into them. If you’re on a diet now, there’s a 70% chance you’ll end up putting any weight you lose back on – and more.

Reinvent is a holistic and permanent lifestyle change that will transform your relationship with food. It will tune you in to what’s going on deep inside your body, helping you to celebrate your uniqueness and understand how best to nourish yourself.

We’ve distilled years of experience in nutritional medicine into a unique, information-packed online course that you work through at your own pace, one step at a time.

Reinvent will help you:

  • Understand which food groups you should be eating more of, and which you should be avoiding, depending on your personal circumstances.
  • Identify food intolerances or hormone imbalances that might be holding you back.
  • Target and improve the symptoms of health conditions including IBS, PCOS and eczema.
  • Move towards your weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Learn to love your body and develop a positive self-image.

“I have 25 years of diet failure behind me, but this time I have succeeded. I never thought that I could lose four stone and come off my reflux medications. The programme itself is simple, I’ve eaten three meals and two snacks every day and I’ve never felt deprived. Honestly, Reinvent has felt like a miracle. Not only have I broken decades of bad habits but I have learned to love myself which is the most precious gift. If you embrace the teachings that Rosie Letts offers you, her programme will deliver results that are beyond your wildest dreams as it has done for me. 11 months ago I enrolled in Reinvent and it has changed my life.”


Family support worker, Bristol

What’s on the menu?

Reinvent is designed to create change incrementally so it’s easy to achieve and to sustain. Over 12 weeks you’ll build the knowledge you need to continue living well long after you’ve completed the programme.

Start your Reinvent journey today and you’ll receive:


  • Over 200 tasty recipes designed by Rosie and her expert team
  • 12 weeks of sample meal plans full of delicious dishes to get you started
  • Expert interview series with leading doctors, personal trainers, scientists, life coaches and other health professionals
  • Goal tracking tools to support your efforts
  • Phone and email support from the team whenever you need it throughout the programme
  • Access to bonus content including all recipes and health lessons for six months
  • Access to The Forum- and your very own team of cheerleaders
  • A Cravings Journal to help you understand your body better
  • A Gratitude Diary to boost your emotional wellbeing

You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade for a personal nutrition consultation in either our Bristol clinic or the online consultation room, as well as clinical diagnostic testing for food intolerances, candida or parasites, female hormone imbalance and other conditions.

Who is Reinvent for?

Reinvent is for you if…

  • You’ve come to the conclusion dieting doesn’t work, and you’re looking for another way.
  • You suffer from a digestive issue or hormone imbalance and would like to explore the possibility of reducing, or even resolving, your symptoms through good nutrition rather than resorting to medication.
  • You believe you may be approaching the menopause and want to reduce the impact the hormonal changes will have on your body.
  • You’d like to stop Googling for information on nutrition and ways to combat your various ailments, and instead be sure the advice you’re following is based on scientific fact.
  • You like to understand how things work. If you understand why your body is behaving in the way it is, and how certain food groups affect it, it can be a lot easier to make real changes for the better.
  • You like to take things at your own pace, making gradual changes towards your end goal.
  • You see the benefits of having a supportive community with which you can share stories, recipes, tips and tricks so you won’t be travelling the journey alone.

Sound familiar?

“As soon as I hit 40, my weight started to increase, slowly at first and then more steadily. I tried all sorts of diets, and I had even cut my daily calories to under 800 a day, but nothing was working – the weight just kept piling on. I decided to sign up for Reinvent as a last resort. I was sceptical but Reinvent was such a positive experience compared to what I had tried in the past. I have absolutely loved the delicious recipes and never felt bored or deprived. What’s more, Rosie Letts has taught me so much about nutrition, health and my body; it’s been fascinating! I know that I am approaching the menopause and thanks to Reinvent I know that my body is well prepared and I have all the tools I need to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I can’t thank Rosie Letts enough for helping me to take back control of my body and to feel happy and healthy again.” 


Dentist, Bristol

What does it cost?

Possibly the BEST thing about Reinvent is that you can now experience all the benefits of working with me for just £25 per week! Reinvent is now available at the special launch price of £297 and to spread the cost, you can pay in three monthly instalments of £99.  How would your career, your family, your free time look, if you had all the energy you needed to make the most of them, if you weren’t being held back by worries about your weight or the painful symptoms of conditions like IBS, hormone imbalance and eczema. Is there anything else you could spend less than £25 per week on and still gain all those benefits?

Just think what your life would look like if you were really, truly well. If you were at peace with your body. Don’t you deserve that?

Meet Rosie Letts

Qualified Nutritional Therapist

I’ve seen the power of nutritional medicine at work. It helped me beat painful IBS and fatigue. It gave my mum 16 years of active and fulfilling life after a cancer diagnosis that should have left her with only months. And since gaining my degree in nutritional therapy it has allowed me to help over 500 women look and feel better to date.

With my face-to-face clinics regularly booked up, I wanted to be able to help more people. That’s why I’ve taken my signature Reinvent programme online. I’d love for you to join us.

Time to Reinvent

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Use code may50reinvent to join Reinvent for just £197.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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