Webinar: Why Hormones Are Everything - Coming Soon

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Webinar: Why Hormones Are Everything - Coming Soon

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re riding an emotional wave? Irritable? Feel low often? PMS? Anxiety? Want to take control of your hormones rather than have them control you? 

Our bodies are amazing and our hormones are a complex interaction of many different systems and communications in our bodies. Certain lifestyle patterns can interrupt this balance causing mood swings and energy dips, particularly around your time of the month, as well as having an impact in affecting many different processes in the body for both men and women, including; reproduction, sexual function, metabolism, growth and development and even mood.

More people are now seeking to arm themselves with the information about their specific physiology, so in this in-depth discussion, Rosie will aim to empower you with the knowledge about what’s going on in your body so that you can better understand your system at every stage of development, learn to balance your hormones and maintain happy vibes. 


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Meet Rosie Letts

“I am a qualified and registered nutritional therapist, with a first class degree from the University of Westminster. I work with my clients to make small changes that drive lasting and powerful results.

My mission is to help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life, filled with energy and free from painful symptoms of conditions that are all too common in our modern society.

I might be a nutrition expert, but I’m also a working mum – I know that time is precious! You don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen, and you don’t want to spend a small fortune in the supermarket each week.

 I’ll teach you small changes you can make every day that will have a significant effect on your health.

Within 12 months you will have transformed your relationship with food and will be eating in a way that perfectly complements your unique body and lifestyle.”

 Rosie Letts

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On Saturday 25th July, Rosie’s partner Andy tragically passed away. He wasn’t ill and his passing has come as a devastating blow to all of his family and friends. Rosie will be taking compassionate leave to look after their children. She hopes to return to private practice when her children start school in September.

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